Scorpion Comics


Meet the Team:


Sean McLoughlin and Chris Capobianco:

We have been working in the comic book collectible industry since 2005. When we first started we became some of the first CGC Signature Series Witnesses in the hobby. Based out of New York, we worked hard to establish fantastic relationships with many legendary creators who live and work around our area so that we could build our collection together.

What started as a hobby became so successful that we created our company NYComics Yellow Label. We went on to continue setting up amazing private signings to work on books for our collection. CGC encouraged us to open those signings up to the public. Collectors from around the world have mailed us their comics to be signed by Masters like Stan Lee, Todd McFarlane, John Romita Sr, Joe Simon, Frank Frazetta, Gene Colan, Herb Trimpe and so many more.

We are still fans that not only collect but create CGC Signature Series books for our collection year round. Our motto to our clients is that we treat your books exactly like ours- Carefully! We truly believe we are blessed and lucky enough to be able to have a business in this industry. Our success is because of our long time friendship, integrity and hard work- which we plan on bringing to Scorpion Comics!

Carlos Bryant
Co-founder /Partner,  Scorpion Comics 

In 1997, Carlos was introduced to the world of Todd McFarlane's Spawn in a way that few will experience. That was the year that Carlos' wife started working in McFarlane's studio.  Over the next 19 years, Carlos has become a trusted friend of Todd's who has frequently worked McFarlane's special events, comic-cons and public signings.

After retiring from a twenty-seven year career with American Airlines, Carlos began working for McFarlane as a project management consultant and manager of all McFarlane's CGC private signings.  During this time, Carlos started collecting comics again- and is having as much fun doing it now, as he did as a kid in the 60's. Way too much fun!

From traveling with McFarlane, he has also had the opportunity to meet some of comic's top superstars and legends like Stan Lee and Frank Miller.

Carlos has enjoyed building strong relationships in the industry. He has become an official CGC witness and loves getting to talk comics and collectibles with the creators of his favorite comics.

Partnering with the very successful and highly reputable NYComics founders, Sean and Chris on Scorpion Comics,  Carlos is excited to work with his favorite creators to bring fans, like himself, highly- limited edition exclusive comics books.